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Each summer from May to September you can have the dive of a lifetime

The rich underwater world of the White Sea features a vast variety of marine dwellers and other interesting objects.

Try and have a look under the ice cover

Ice Diving differs from diving in warm coral seas as much as a winter ski trip differs from a tropical rainforest tour. Which one is better and more interesting, is there anyone who could give the one and only answer?

Perhaps, it just shouldn’t be compared - everything that one hasn’t seen yet will be interesting, just as well as it is with other kinds of trips. And since lots of ponds, lakes, and even seas of the regions with temperate and northern climate are frozen for six months in a year - why not try and have a look under the ice cover?

You’ll see that everything is absolutely different under the ice, the reverse side of it can either be smooth like a mirror, or consist of a pile of hummocks turned upside down. Life slows down, but does not stop, the water becomes much more transparent than it is in summer. The silence of ice diving cannot be compared to anything...

Special methods, equipment and additional safety elements are used for ice diving. There are also a lot of specific details in the very process of ice diving provision services. It is possible to master this most interesting SCUBA specialization after a special course of training. And then you'll be able to dive all year round, and a long break between the seasons will turn into a season change – from summer diving to ice diving.

"The Arctic Circle" tourism centre offers you to take part in interesting and informative excursions around Nilmoguba village and to a number of natural and historic attractions in the vicinity of it and some remote islands! You can either join one of the group excursions, or order a private excursion program. Please, contact our managers for detailed information about the schedule and organization of excursions.

Come to dive with us all year round!

"The Arctic Circle" is a year-round PADI Dive Centre on the White Sea Coast.

The underwater scenery and wildlife of the White Sea is rich and unique and boasts excellent scenery and fascinating marine life. The White Sea flora and fauna belong to the temperate-arctic zone. The rocky surface is laid with soft corals, sea anemones (Actinia), sponges, Ascidiacea and hydroids. A diver can see starfish, sea urchins, crabs, hermit crabs, shrimps, sea anemones, exquisite Nudibranchiata molluscs, the big predatory White Sea gastropods Neptunea and Bukcinum, and a rare brittle star (Ophiuroidea gorgonacephalus) with the exotic name of the ‘Head of Gorgon’. Underwater rocks provide dwelling places for cod, wolffish, sea perch, butterfish and flounder. In winter wolffish, flounder and lumpfish allow divers come really close.

Детский лагерь"Полярный Круг"  приглашает детей в дни школьных каникул на познавательные, исследовательские и приключенческие программы! 

В наших программах, занимаясь и играя, дети учатся общаться, познавать мир, дружить и помогать друг другу. Мы делаем всё, чтобы дети могли почувствовать себя настоящими исследователями, путешественниками и мореплавателями, узнали больше об окружающем мире и научились его ценить!

Все наши программы сочетают образовательные элементы с активными мероприятиями - спортивными играми, походами, экскурсиями. Каждая программа имеет свою тематику, например, биология, английский, видеосъемка, парусное дело. 

The "Arctic Circle" is an all-year-round PADI Dive Centre and Lodge, located on the White Sea Coast, where you can spend the day in the wilderness and appreciate hearty meals and good rest in your comfortable room after it!

We provide accommodation in Russian-style wooden cottages and lodges with cozy twin rooms that have different bed arrangements – twin beds or a sleeping sofa and a couch; double bed, baby cot or triple accommodation (with an extra bed) are also available on request. All rooms have central heating, the room amenities depend on its category. Description of every type of rooms is in the "Room Categories" section.

  • Thick growth of soft corals, starfish, sea urchins, crabs and sea anemones
  • Diving with Greenland seals
  • Underwater jungle of Laminaria
  • Underwater rocks and rifts, and rift inhabitants 
  • Mussel plantations under water
  • Drift diving with the tide – the speed is up to 2m/sec
  • Shipwrecks including the fishing boat Yaroslavets
  • "Arctic corals" – a course of lectures on biology of the White Sea
  • Mini-diving safari – with overnight stay on remote island to include fishing, camp fire and ukha (fish soup) supper

The White Sea is the unique place in Russia where marine ice-diving is practiced - just above and below the Arctic Circle. Our Dive Centre was also named “The Arctic Circle” because we are really close to it. We are sure it's the best place for ice diving, at least in this hemisphere.

Unlike the Barents Sea, that doesn't freeze in winter because of the Gulf Stream, the White Sea freezes from December until April-May. The main ice diving period here is from the second half of February till the first half of April, because any earlier or any later there is no guarantee of solid ice to get to the best dive sites.

The White Sea gives you everything a diver might need to have a fantastic ice diving experience. Dramatic ice formations contrast with the underlying terrain, the rock and kelp forests complement the ice formations. All this combined with the abundant selection of marine life and the water so luminous and clear makes your diving trip to the extreme North of Russia absolutely fantastic and extraordinary.

Each year in February, March and April on the White Sea coast

  • Majestic beauty of Northern Russia
  • Ice arch of the sea, ice-hummocks, and cavities
  • Fantastic visibility: 15–50m
  • Soft corals under the frozen surface of the sea
  • Wide variety of fish species
  • Starfishes, sea-urchins, crabs, sea anemones, shrimps
  • Underwater rocks and rifts, rift inhabitants and even wrecks

Due to the "Arctic Circle’s" location right at the waterfront, at the mouth of the Nilma River, the rooms have beautiful peaceful scenery right outside the window, either to the bay or to the forest.

Our local Office, the tourism centre's Reception and other common facilities - a comfortable common living room and a spacious dining area - are in the Cottage №1. The pier, where all the diving trips and marine excursions set off, is only three hundred meters away from it.

За год в Детском лагере проходит 15-20 различных программ, большая часть из которых приходится на лето. Продолжительность у программ разная - от 6 до 14 дней.

Преподаватели и вожатые Детского Лагеря - увлеченные, творческие люди, опытные преподаватели и педагоги.

Преподаватели - люди  с высшим образованием, вожатые - с педагогическим образованием и студенты ведущих ВУЗов, многие из вожатых -  выпускники нашего лагеря.

Детские программы проводятся в Туристическом центре "Полярный Круг" с 2005 года. Мы стремимся поддерживать созданную в «Полярном Круге» атмосферу дружбы, взаимного доверия, любознательности, энтузиазма и доброты. Самую высокую оценку нашего труда ставят дети, большинство из которых стремится приехать к нам снова и снова, многие остаются на несколько смен и ездят к нам уже несколько лет подряд.

In winter time our Dive Centre is one of the best places in the world to experience marine ice diving - you'll get unforgettable impressions under the ice arch of the sea, watch amazing soft corals under the frozen sea surface with ice-hummocks and cavities.

We provide a well-established mobile ice camp, equipped with portable warm wooden cabins, for ice divers to feel comfortable on ice before and after the dive. The cabins are equipped with special sledges, on which they can easily be moved between dive sites with the help of snowmobiles.

In summer we go diving by speedboats, either with a return after the first dive to the dive centre for a break and rest before the second one, or for two dives at once. In the latter case we take lunch with us and spend some time in the wild relaxing between the dives on beautiful beaches, among rocks, pines and mosses.

Marine ice diving differs from ice diving in ponds and lakes and is much more impressive.
Two major differences of marine and fresh water ice diving are the environments and the aquatic life.

Fresh water starts to freeze once the temperature has reached a low enough level, and the ice forms from the surface down, but the processes are different in the sea. The White Sea is subjected to tidal movements, which average about 1-2 metres at a time. This has the effect of compacting the ice into magnificent shapes under water, allowing different coloured light through the ice at any given place. Beautiful ice formations under water are the main ice diving attraction, though there is quite some biodiversity in the area. Divers are mesmerized by the trapped bubbles, tunnels and cave formations that form small labyrinths for the creatures that live here.

Fresh water wildlife tends to go into a form of hibernation with most plant species dying off and fish burying themselves during the winter period, whilst the marine environment continues with beautiful kelp formations, coral growths and anemones of amazing colour. You’ll be really surprised to discover to what extent underwater life goes on in winter in the White Sea. It is stunning, not perhaps in quantity, but certainly in the quality of what you see. Maybe it's because the water is so clear, so the colours seem incredibly bright and the animals are readily spotted. It’s almost as if, instead of hiding from the prying eyes of photographers, they want to show off their beauty - and most of them have something special to show off. A lot of the interesting stuff is not that deep. The life is all around, not only on the rocks and seaweed where you would normally look, but hanging before your eyes - all those jelly-filled creatures.

During warm summer time divers have a special opportunity to combine diving and excursions, when besides watching impressive dive sites with thick growth of soft corals, starfish, sea urchins, crabs and sea anemones, one can also explore the most famous natural attractions of the White Sea on a speedboat trip to the nearest and remote islands.

It is also highly recommended to try a drift-dive, when tidal wave’s speed is much faster than the regular currents and can reach the speeds of 4 m/s in straights between the islands.

Accommodation packages include full board (Russian and international cuisine): buffet breakfast, three-course lunch or packed lunch on diving site, and dinner (set menu). Snacks, homemade pastry, tea, coffee and soft drinks are available around the clock. Show more

Ice diving itself is a challenge – it’s a hard work but it’s a great fun at the same time. Nowadays the number of ice divers keeps increasing, and we hope that our dive centre has made a contribution to the development of this diving specialization. Based on our vast experience we do our best to provide the ice divers all the possible safety and comfort.

The Arctic Circle Dive Centre puts at your service:

  • Modern diving equipment
  • Experienced instructors and dive guides
  • Warm mobile ice diving camp
  • Comfortable accomodation in our dive centre guest houses
  • Genuine Russian steam bath (banya)
  • Friendly atmosphere

The "Arctic Circle" is a family-friendly vacation centre with activities for all age groups. Apart from the rooms and indoor areas we offer a nice outdoor area, where you can find a volleyball court, several pavilions equipped with wood burning stoves, picnic or barbecue areas and other amenities.

Besides Russian steam-bath (“Banya”) that is included into our accommodation packages on a daily basis, you can also order a private Japanese bath (“Ofuro”) or visit our SPA-centre. The details on other additional services are available in the “Other Activities” section.

You can easily book a tour to our tourism centre with the help of any means of communication given in the "Contact Us" section. Besides the contact phone numbers and e-mails you can also find recommendations on the ways of getting around to our place and the international travel agencies.

We do our best to make the diving trip to the White Sea unforgettable for every guest and show you the wonders of this amazing region! You can choose a suitable variant of group programs from our tour schedule, if you'd like to take part in a trip with prearranged activities (e.g. the programs can be arranged for experienced or novice divers), or book a private tour program of any kind according to your interests to have fun with your friends and family. You don't have to take all your gear with you, most of it can be rented at our Dive Centre.

We are well-equipped with everything required for comfortable modern-day diving: speedboats in summer and snowmobiles in winter, modern diving equipment, well-trained dive instructors and competent staff, good food and cozy accomodation.

The team of the "Arctic Circle" professional dive guides and instructors has a many years’ experience of diving in severe Northern conditions (including the first ever submersion at the geographic North Pole) and is capable of arranging safe and qualified diving trips all year round. Safety has been a priority since the very first days of our Dive Centre. There has not been a single accident in the history of the Arctic Circle Dive Centre.

Most of our dive instructors have a university degree in biology or psychology. Since our dive centre originated on the basis of the "Moscow State University Diving Club", we maintain close ties with the scientific circles in Russia and all over the world, and the Arctic Circle Dive Centre serves as a base for unique MSU research and study programs, in which some our clients take part as well.

"The Arctic Circle" Dive Centre is well known not only to the Russian divers, photos taken here decorate covers of many European diving magazines. The underwater world of the White Sea boasts excellent scenery and fascinating marine life. As far as we have been around for over a decade, we have been continuously upgrading the resort's facilities, that's one more reason why our place has become popular and a well known within the diving community in Britain, China, Czech Republic, France, Poland, the USA and other countries. Up to 40 divers can now stay and dive at the Dive centre.

Do not hesitate to contact us — we look forward to hearing from you and will be glad to answer any question in order to explain the details and help you to make the right choice! Please inform us in advance so that we could arrange everything in due period of time.

We organize various types of outdoor and educational activities for our guests. The list of diving trips, excursions, lectures etc. planned by our Excursion Centre for the next day for adults and children is posted every evening on the bulletin board at the Reception. You can either join some of these and get to know new people; or book a private tour program of any kind according to your interests – including excursions, picnics, diving, fishing, cross country skiing or snowmobile riding – to have fun with your friends and family. Moreover it is not necessary to bring all the equipment you might need with you, most of it can be rented - boats, snowmobiles, skis, diving gear, warm clothes, pots, barbecues etc.

We encourage divers to come and enjoy this out-of-the-ordinary experience if and when the opportunity presents itself. The rewards you will have in terms of stunning diving and self-satisfaction cannot be quantified! And, hey, it’s also kind of cool to have Arctic Circle dives in your logbook!

In addition to diving you may take the opportunity to:

  • Witness the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)
  • Watch seals and sea birds
  • Visit our raindeer farm and malamute dog-breeding kennel
  • Ski and ride snowmobiles
  • Experience ice snorkeling

Do not hesitate to contact us — we look forward to hearing from you and will be glad to answer any question in order to explain the details and help you to make the right choice! Please inform us in advance so that we could arrange everything in due period of time.

Summer time at the White Sea Coast provides divers a special opportunity to combine diving and excursions, when besides watching impressive dive sites they can also explore some of the most famous natural attractions of the White Sea on a speedboat trip to the nearest and remote islands. It is also highly recommended to try a drift-dive, when tidal wave’s speed is much faster than the regular currents and can reach the speeds of 4 m/s in straights between the islands.

Karelia’s scenic landscapes surrounding "The Arctic Circle", with their untamed magic beauty, definitely play a most important role in an unforgettable vacation. And as far as we have been around for over a decade, we have also continuously upgraded the facilities of the dive centre and the lodge. It’s very important for us to be sure that our guests relax and enjoy their stay at our place. Please contact us in advance so that we could arrange everything in time and guarantee that your dream holiday will come true.

Winter Lake Fishing Trip (ice fishing)

A trip to the lake by car or in a snowmobile-driven sleigh. Learning to drill fishing ice holes. Fishing under the ice. All necessary equipment provided. A picnic on a lofty and picturesque island in the middle of the lake, including fish soup cooked on a campfire. For groups of 6 or more people. 4-6 hours.

But not only certified divers can experience truly amazing views of the colorful underwater landscape and marine life of the White Sea. Dry Suit Snorkeling and an Introductory Dive are the two ways to do it for everyone who knows how to swim, feels comfortable in cool water and is ready for a fantastic adventure at the Arctic Circle Dive Centre.

For a snorkeling trip or an introductory dive we provide transportation to the dive site by a speedboat, a dry suit and full set of necessary equipment. The advantages of using a dry suit are warmth, buoyancy, safety, comfort, and ease in changing.

A dry suit snorkelling trip or an intro dive begins with a comprehensive, informative surface briefing (from 30 min to 1 hour) when a guide explains how to use this equipment and how to ensure that you will be safe, warm and comfortable during 30 to 40 minutes snorkeling or an intro dive. Listen to a safety orientation and your guide will answer any questions; then you will have the unforgettable experience of snorkeling or diving in the waters of White Sea. Safety is the number one priority of our dive centre and all participants get additional information regarding the water temperatures, visibility, tidal fluctuations and local marine life. There is a 1:6 guide-to-guest ratio for snorkeling and 1:1 for intro dive. All guides are trained in dive and snorkel procedures, EFR, and the marine environment.

While snorkeling or an intro dive you can explore the giant kelp forest, watch for sea life such as sea stars, crabs, a variety of fish, sea anemones (one of the oldest animals on earth), a variety of filter feeders, sea urchins and the colorful bio-mass of the sea floor.

An intro dive is also a way to introduce you to the wonderful world of scuba diving, breathing underwater and the feeling of total weightlessness. The Instructor will be by your side the whole time and will even hold your hand if you feel the need. An introductory dive does not get you a qualification you can use later on.

Excursion to the Canyon - Panfilova Varakka hill (summer and winter)

An excursion to the Panfilova Varakka hill, where pegmatites, quartz and mica used to be quarried. The mining of minarels began in the early 20th century. It is considered that in the early 30-ies the diggers crew was replaced by prisoners of the GULAG. The mining ended a long time ago and the quarry became a man-made canyon, but the slopes are still full of quartz, muscovites (mica), and white sodium feldspar. Traces of explosions are still visible on the slopes of the quarry, and a road to the sea that was used for transportation of the extracted rock can also be traced yet. Streams flow down the slopes of the quarry in winter and summer. In winter they turn into icefalls, and in summer you can admire a small lake formed by still water. There is a wooden geodesic tower - triangular - on the top of the hill. One can watch superb sea views from the hilltop.

Excursion to the White Sea Biology Station of the Moscow State University (summer and winter)

The history of the biostation is more than 70 years, many generations of students have been practicing here during this period and unique scientific material on the White Sea biology have been collected. The WSBS MSU is not only an excellent base for scientific and educational tasks, but also an amazingly comfortable world full with students' laughter, where no one closes the doors and everyone is truly fond of the White Sea. Thanks to long-term efforts of enthusiasts a Botanical Garden have been created, where it's very pleasant to walk around if the weather is good. Our guides will tell you about the history of the Biostation and show you its neighborhood - you'll stroll along "the path of communism", climb up a hill, and visit Vodoprovodnoye Lake.

Excursion to the Village of Chyornaya Rechka (summer and winter)

Excursion to the village, located at the mouth of a picturesque forest stream Chernaya Rechka (meaning ‘black river’), that has existed for more than 500 years. In old times there was a winter road to Murman, a fishing artel, a brick factory, and a church in the village. Nowadays it is isolated from the surrounding world, no road leads to it, and no car is to be found there. You can only walk to the village, or reach it by boat in summer and by snowmobile in winter. You will discover life without TV or white goods, just as it was centuries ago. A good microclimate allows local residents to live off subsistence farming. People live here with the tide and flow, migration of herring, rains, snowfalls and frosts. Some Moscow scientists own their houses in the village and spend part of the year there working on their research and organizing field practice for their students, studying the White Sea biology and/or geology. A few years ago, with the help of local residents, the church was rebuilt.

Excursion to Kastyan Island (summer)

A day trip to Kastyan Island. Walking, fishing, a chance to go mussel-gathering. Picnic with fish soup ("ukha") or kebabs ("shashlyk") on a campfire.

Excursion to the Remote Islands (summer)

A day trip to to the picturesque remote islands in the open sea - lofty, rocky, with neolithic stone labyrinths, fissures and canyons, rock faces and excellent dive sites. Walking, fishing, picnic with fish soup or kebabs on a campfire.

Mini-Safari to the Islands (summer and winter)

This is a most romantic adventure. We suggest that you come and see extraordinary underwater landscapes in the vicinity of the dive center and surrounding islands, and experience the true Pomor way of life. You will travel by speedboat or snowmobile along scenic shores and go diving during the day, our experienced guides will show you the rich underwater life. In the evenings, enjoy ukha (fish soup) and shashlyk (kebab) cooked on campfire before staying overnight in a traditional fisherman’s house. You’ll experience all this and more during your Arctic mini-safari.


We have got a small reindeer farm at "The Arctic Circle" Lodge. The reindeer is a nice pet that has been living next to people for many centuries. Reindeer are hardy and unpretentious, amiable and obedient. We have got five animals at our farm now.

Excursion Description Price*, Euro.
Excursion to the reindeer farm (accompanied by an attendant) Some information about reindeer domestication and our experience in reindeer herding. You can take pictures of them and interact with these cute animals - feed them with tasty and healthy treats, pat their rough fur and try to touch the antlers, velvety and vulnerable in late spring/early summer and hard as bones in autumn/early winter.
Up to 10 persons. Duration about 40 min .
per 1 person
Winter family excursion
to the reindeer farm with a short sleigh ride (accompanied by an attendant)

A family excursion, 2-3 persons (2 adults+1 infant or 1 adult+1-2 children up to 12 years old).
Duration about 1 hour.
A family excursion gives you an opportunity not only to feed and photograph the reindeer, but also to have a 15-20 minutes' sleigh ride.
23 per a group of 2-3 persons

* Infants (up to 6 years old) free of charge

Nothern sled dogs

Northern sled dogs are amazing creatures: both agility and love for people are characteristic for them, they are intelligent and very friendly, and their soft fur and funny "smiles" leave no one indifferent! Visitors of the "Arctic Circle" kennel will meet fine representatives of such northern breeds as alascan malamute (four dogs), alascan husky (two dogs), and three lovely puppies of yakut husky.

Excursion Description Price*, Euro.
Excursion to the sled dog kennel (accompanied by an attendant)
Some information about the breeds we have in the kennel, dog-keeping and coaching, types of sled dog sports and our pets' competitive experience. Visitors can take pictures of the dogs and interact with them.
Up to 10 persons. Duration about 40 min.
per 1 person
Winter family excursion
to the sled dog kennel with a short dogsled ride (accompanied by an coach)

A family excursion, 2-4 persons (1-2 adults + 1-2 children up to 12 years old).
Duration about 1-1,5 hour.
You can not only take pictures and pat the dogs, but also go for a walk with them and even ride a dogsled with a team of 2 or 4 dogs, accompanied by an experienced musher (dogsled driver). It is also a chance for adults to try themselves as dogsled drivers, if approved by the coach.
per a group of 2-4 persons

* Infants (up to 6 years old) free of charge

Sorry, the page is under construction.

Please visit the Educational Tours Schedule page for the dates of the upcoming educational tours,

or visit the Educational program description page for the information regarding the tour content.


But we invite all our guests to visit our reindeer farm and sled dog breeding kennel, where you can get some information about these cute pets, interact with them, take some pictures and even try sled riding in winter.

Do not hesitate to contact us — we look forward to hearing from you and will be glad to answer any question in order to explain the details and help you to make the right choice! Please inform us in advance so that we could arrange everything in due period of time.

Карелия – удивительный край с уникальной природой. Она полна очарования и круглый год манит любителей активного отдыха. Расположившийся на берегу Белого моря Туристический центр «Полярный Круг» предлагает разнообразные программы для семейного отпуска. У нас можно отдохнуть зимой и летом, весной и осенью. Каждый сезон имеет свои особенности в плане развлечений и увлекательных занятий.

Во время проведения на нашей базе детских образовательных программ для гостей возможны разные варианты размещения:

  • раздельное – юных гостей ждет образовательный детский лагерь, в котором они живут в домиках вместе с другими детьми,  а родителей – уютные номера гостиничного комплекса, при этом семья может без ограничений проводить время вместе
  • совместное – члены семьи живут в коттедже (домике), все вместе, при этом дети могут принимать участие во всех мероприятиях лагеря.

Наше предложение по отдыху в Карелии

Решив провести отпуск всей семьей в нашем центре, можно рассчитывать на интересные и познавательные программы.

Для детей. Детский отдых в Карелии на базе нашего центра – это разнообразные научно-приключенческие и образовательные программы. Каждая из них предполагает образовательную часть, пешие и морские прогулки и экскурсии, спортивные мероприятия, игры и приключения. Программы ведут преподаватели и вожатые, готовые поделиться своим опытом и навыками в различных науках и ремеслах, а красота Белого моря способствует более эффективному усвоению программы. А еще у наших программ есть секретный компонент: непередаваемая атмосфера доброжелательности и уюта. Продолжительность образовательных программ – 6–14 дней.

Для родителей. Пока дети заняты своими делами, родителям не придется скучать. Отдых в в нашем Туристическом центре предполагает большое разнообразие увлекательных занятий. Желающим доступно посещение рыбных мест, имеются дайвинг- и сноркелинг-программы. Предложения нашего экскурсионного бюро понравятся всем, кто любит открывать для себя новые места.

Совместный отдых. Желающим проводить время в Карелии всей семьей придутся по вкусу поездки на острова, в деревню Черная Речка и на биостанцию МГУ. Это могут быть одно- или двухдневные экскурсии, которые позволят насладиться красотами северной природы и узнать много нового.

Условия зимнего отдыха в Карелии

Зима в Карелии снежна и искриста. В это время предлагается масса развлечений и экскурсионных программ, которые представлены в разделе "Экскурсионный центр". Туристический центр «Полярный Круг» обеспечивает все условия, чтобы ваш отдых с детьми  в Карелии зимой был наполнен не только увлекательными приключениями, но и комфортом. Коттеджи нашего гостиничного комплекса уютны и оборудованы всем необходимым. У нас можно взять в аренду теплую одежду, мангалы и котелки, лыжи, и другое оборудование. Свои услуги ежедневно предлагает русская парная с душистыми вениками, знаменитыми карельскими бальзамами и чаями. Любителям экзотики предлагается посетить японскую баню. На базе центра также функционирует спа-салон. Особой любовью у наших гостей пользуются белухи, живущие в дельфинарии. Они общительны и легко контактируют с людьми.

Приезжайте в наш Туристический центр в Карелии всей семьей в летнее, зимнее и любое другое удобное для вас время. Все подробности пребывания и другие вопросы можно решить, позвонив по телефону в офис. Информация о его расположении представлена в разделе «Контакты».


Агентский договор № 0106/1-А от 01/06/2015 г.

Место нахождения: 119333, г. Москва, Ленинский проспект, дом 52, помещение XXVII

Тел. +7 965 395- 43-23

Как оплатить тур в туристический центр "Полярный Круг"

Забронировать путевку в Детский лагерь "Полярный Круг" очень просто - отправьте заявку через сайт, позвоните по телефону нашим менеджерам или напишите нам письмо! 

Мы всегда рады видеть не только детей, но и их родителей! Приезжайте вместе с вашим ребенком в "Полярный Круг", мы сделаем ваш отдых на живописных берегах Белого моря интересным и комфортным!

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