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Plymouth Dive Centre - UK

Hi Diana, I hope you can pass this message on to everyone at the Arctic Dive Centre and add it to your/their guestbook feedback page. I have included a group photo to go on the page of all of us (Bottom photo) The other photos are our group ice fishing party and one of the more memorable moments for me when Nilma and Matryona lifted me out of the Thankyou.
To all at the Arctic Circle Dive Centre  a huge thank you from Moyra and Jerry, Bex and Charlie, Mary and Roy and Wayne for a truly fantastic holiday.

(15th -21st Feb) Every one made our stay enjoyable and fun. The experience surpassed our expectations....with perfect weather, -38?, and some brilliant diving, skiing, fishing, Russian language lessons, vodka, The Northern Lights, the Banya and an awesome experience with the Beluga Whales. We cannot thank you enough and will recommend the package to our friends and other divers.  "Cheers", a toast to you all and the White Sea.

Nicole Deeping - Germany

Hello Diana, I just wanted to say thank you to everybody for making our stay at the Arctic Dive Center in July so enjoyable! We really had a wonderful time and great dives! Natascha really is a great guide! Many thanks again to all of you, we will definitely come back either for some ice diving or a liveaboard trip to the Barents Sea.

Best regards, Nicole

Bora Altunsecen - Saudi Arabia

Hi Diana, I am back in Saudi now, I would like to thank to you and all the staff of ACDC for this unforgotable event, especially thanks to all instructors who work very hard to make this adventure safe and enjoyable for all of us. Also thanks to the surface support staff for their utmost performance for arranging the logistics, equipment as well as being the tenders for divers. One more thanks to the Cheif cook and the kitchen staff for their delicious foods. I have really enjoyed every bit of this trip and really looking forward to come back again next year.

David Gallagher - UK

Sadly I speak no Russian, though I will learn some for next time! I would just like to say thanks so much( bolshoe spasiba(!?)) for everything. It has been tremendous experience.I hope to try again.

Dave Gallagher.


Bernie Murphy - UK

.....I enjoyed my time in Russia and I will return to your country again next year for an arctic safari, which will be something to look forward to. I thank all the people I met in Russia, who made my visit such a pleasant experience.
Orchin Spa`sebo

Bernie Murphy

Andy York and Debra Jones, UK

It's hard being back at work. I'd like to thank you all for a great time in the Arctic and in Moscow. Especially thanks to Michael (for the great ice diving course and showing me the banya for the first time), Natasha (for being a dive guide and very helpful person during the holiday), Ivan (for lots of things, but especially the barbeque shashlik in the Arctic (the best ever) and the fish stew), and Leonid (for all the vodka breaks, and showing me how to roll around in the snow during banya). And thanks to everyone else at the lodge for all their help with maina preparation, diving, providing Allen keys, cooking, making up the rooms etc.
Also thanks to you Diana for spending the first evening with us (you must have had better things to do) and for all your help.
When I came to Russia I didn't really expect to like ice diving, but felt it was something I should try as a different diving experience. I actually loved it and am now a convert to ice diving. We both had a great time and would love to come back sometime.
Thanks for everything

Andy (and Debra)

Olivier Bourquin - Switzerland

La plongée en hiver dans cette charmante contrée reste un défi. La température extérieure peut atteindre les -30°C et l’eau oscille entre -1°C et -3°C.
Lorsque Michel m’a dit : « Oublie le lac Baïkal, je veux aller plus haut, au cercle polaire », j’ai cru qu’il plaisantait. Pas du tout.

Il a fallu un peu de temps et l’aide de Diana chez Ru Dive à Moscou pour préparer l’expédition. Rien que s’y rendre n’est déjà pas évident. 19 heures de train depuis St-Petersburg ou 26 heures depuis Moscou. En discutant avec Diana, nous décidons de passer par la Finlande. 

Michael Millin - UK

Not being one for cold or winter holidays, this has been by far one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I have visited many countries in the world but none as stimulating as my experience at the arctic circle diving centre.
The Beluga whales are certainly a thing of beautiful and the feeling you get some touching one of these creatures is priceless, not a feeling to be described but a feeling to be experienced. The ice diving and ice formations are certainly a thing of natural beauty that has to be experienced in a life time.

A very big thank you to the Arctic Circle Dive Centre crew... Never been taken care of so well on a holiday and I look forward to my next visit :)

Stephen, Ben and Colis - Hong Kong

It is one of the most memorable dive trip and I'll never forget the experience, the care, the knowlege, the friendleness, the food...etc. Just too many to talk about. The people are very nice. The instruction is very clear.The operation is very professional and safe. Everything is so well thought out. Big thank you to every staff who made our stay so enjoyable. The ice diving course opened a door to me.

Manf Senof - Norway

The diversity of this place is really impressive! Very nice to visit! May be we’ll come back one day.

Greetings from Norway

Donna Wilkinson - UK

Thank you for a fantastic dive holiday. Everything was fantastic, something never to forget, beautiful country & beautiful sea, belukha dive & snorkel was something never to be forgotten and could have done it again if I had more time here.

Maarten Joris - Belgium

Top! Thanks a lot, I enjoyed my time during “different” holiday until the last second. Very surprised from the beauty of the White Sea, under and above water, from the experience that ice-diving gave me, and Belgium will know the friendliness from Russian people from now on.
All the best and keep on going the same way!


Amy and Greg Norris - Atlanta, GA

A million thanks to Misha and the entire team on the Kartesh and at the Arctic Circle Dive Centre! 10 days on the Kartesh and at the Dive Centre wasn't enough - we've got to come back. We were blown away in every way (professionalism, comfort, diving, scenery, food, service, hospitality, education, excursions, etc...). Russia may be one of the final diving frontiers for North Americans. You guys have worked hard to make it easy for the rest of us to experience this remote and beautiful corner of the world. We feel like we've been let-in on a well-kept secret...until now, known only by a chosen few. Thank you!

Alan Ahern

To Misha and all at Arctic Circle PADI Dive Centre. 

Thank you for making this an unforgettable Holiday!
Will hopefully see you all again in and on the White Sea in the future.

Good luck and Best wishes for the future!

Chris Hall

Thank so much to everybody for making such an amazing and memorable holiday.
I have had a fantastic time, on the ice, under ice, in fisherman's huts, drinking vodka while floating in a МАЙНА and above all in the banja! Best of luck to everybody for the future.

Thanks again.

James Cantley

Thank you for a great week. We have all had a fantastic time, shared many new experiences (including Banya) and enjoyed every day. We very much hope to come back to the Centre, and would really like to try the Barents Sea dive safari if this becomes possible in the future.

I hope all the remaining weeks are as good as this one and that business stays good.

Marcus Newbold

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing week!

Your wonderful hospitality and shinning ice dives has made this a holiday to remember. All the instructors and staff have made ice-diving seen simple and easy and most of all fun. We have all enjoyed our time above and below the ice.

We wish you every good fortune with your great dive centre and I hope to return in the future for, may be, an ice safari. If you visit England on holiday or for a dive show, may be we can all meet up for a few vodkas, or may be even a dive.

Best wishes for the future.

Alice van Laar and Herman van deer Veer

Thanks again to all of you who made it an unforgettable experience to be in Russia and the White Sea.

Graham Richardson

Many thanks to all at MSU diving for a totally fantastic week,we found the program very exciting,all the staff were friendly,enthusiastic and very helpful.We hope to see you all again next year and will certainly recommend you to our friends and to other divers.

Alan See from Hong Kong

Thanks so much for the hospitality at ACDC. Everything was nicely arranged to make the whole journey enjoyable! Special thanks for Misha and Catya for your teaching in ice-diving!

I've started to miss you all once I m home! Hope to see you guys again in future and all the best to you! 14/03/2010

Franco Banfi - Switzerland

Thank you, to all the staff to make me feel like home. I have enjoyed to meet and know new people and nature. You have introduced me to a new world, landscape, underwater. Hope to be able to visit you again.
Gratitude for the perfect organization.

9 April 2009 Franco Banfi, Switzerland

Рёсуке Камохара - Япония

Дорогие создатели и участники туристического центра "Полярный Круг".
Мы остановились только на 3 ночи, но было незабываемо. Нам очень понравилось: японская баня Офуро, русская баня, белухи, рыбалка (хотя ничего не поймал) :) и катание на снегоходах. Благодарю за то, что вы создали очень приятную атмосферу!
Даже на краю земли мы почувствовали себя (я точно), как дома, спасибо огромное!

Вячеслав Дегтярев - Швейцария

Еще раз хотел бы поблагодарить Вас и всю вашу замечательную команду от лица всех участников нашей швейцарской экспедиции за незабываемый и радушный прием оказанный нам. По прошествии полугода я вижу и слышу только хорошие воспоминания о нашей поездке от всех участников и «белую зависть» от тех, кто не смог к нам присоединиться. Это значит, что наша Миссия удалась. Нашим «уловом» оказались не только позитивные впечатления о дайвинге, но и о России и о русских людях.

Как и обещал, высылаю Вам два экземпляра местного официального журнала швейцарской федерации подводного плавания

Steve Watson

PADI Diver No: 0506U62073 from Johannesburg South-Africa. I hope to complete this speciality during 2006. If anyboby could give me comprehensive guidlines for this trip, it would help. Thank You.

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