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"The Arctic Circle" tourism centre offers you to take part in interesting and informative excursions around Nilmoguba village and to a number of natural and historic attractions in the vicinity of it and some remote islands! You can either join one of the group excursions, or order a private excursion program. Please, contact our managers for detailed information about the schedule and organization of excursions.

Winter Lake Fishing Trip (ice fishing)

A trip to the lake by car or in a snowmobile-driven sleigh. Learning to drill fishing ice holes. Fishing under the ice. All necessary equipment provided. A picnic on a lofty and picturesque island in the middle of the lake, including fish soup cooked on a campfire. For groups of 6 or more people. 4-6 hours.

Excursion to the Canyon - Panfilova Varakka hill (summer and winter)

An excursion to the Panfilova Varakka hill, where pegmatites, quartz and mica used to be quarried. The mining of minarels began in the early 20th century. It is considered that in the early 30-ies the diggers crew was replaced by prisoners of the GULAG. The mining ended a long time ago and the quarry became a man-made canyon, but the slopes are still full of quartz, muscovites (mica), and white sodium feldspar. Traces of explosions are still visible on the slopes of the quarry, and a road to the sea that was used for transportation of the extracted rock can also be traced yet. Streams flow down the slopes of the quarry in winter and summer. In winter they turn into icefalls, and in summer you can admire a small lake formed by still water. There is a wooden geodesic tower - triangular - on the top of the hill. One can watch superb sea views from the hilltop.

Excursion to the White Sea Biology Station of the Moscow State University (summer and winter)

The history of the biostation is more than 70 years, many generations of students have been practicing here during this period and unique scientific material on the White Sea biology have been collected. The WSBS MSU is not only an excellent base for scientific and educational tasks, but also an amazingly comfortable world full with students' laughter, where no one closes the doors and everyone is truly fond of the White Sea. Thanks to long-term efforts of enthusiasts a Botanical Garden have been created, where it's very pleasant to walk around if the weather is good. Our guides will tell you about the history of the Biostation and show you its neighborhood - you'll stroll along "the path of communism", climb up a hill, and visit Vodoprovodnoye Lake.

Excursion to the Village of Chyornaya Rechka (summer and winter)

Excursion to the village, located at the mouth of a picturesque forest stream Chernaya Rechka (meaning ‘black river’), that has existed for more than 500 years. In old times there was a winter road to Murman, a fishing artel, a brick factory, and a church in the village. Nowadays it is isolated from the surrounding world, no road leads to it, and no car is to be found there. You can only walk to the village, or reach it by boat in summer and by snowmobile in winter. You will discover life without TV or white goods, just as it was centuries ago. A good microclimate allows local residents to live off subsistence farming. People live here with the tide and flow, migration of herring, rains, snowfalls and frosts. Some Moscow scientists own their houses in the village and spend part of the year there working on their research and organizing field practice for their students, studying the White Sea biology and/or geology. A few years ago, with the help of local residents, the church was rebuilt.

Excursion to Kastyan Island (summer)

A day trip to Kastyan Island. Walking, fishing, a chance to go mussel-gathering. Picnic with fish soup ("ukha") or kebabs ("shashlyk") on a campfire.

Excursion to the Remote Islands (summer)

A day trip to to the picturesque remote islands in the open sea - lofty, rocky, with neolithic stone labyrinths, fissures and canyons, rock faces and excellent dive sites. Walking, fishing, picnic with fish soup or kebabs on a campfire.

Mini-Safari to the Islands (summer and winter)

This is a most romantic adventure. We suggest that you come and see extraordinary underwater landscapes in the vicinity of the dive center and surrounding islands, and experience the true Pomor way of life. You will travel by speedboat or snowmobile along scenic shores and go diving during the day, our experienced guides will show you the rich underwater life. In the evenings, enjoy ukha (fish soup) and shashlyk (kebab) cooked on campfire before staying overnight in a traditional fisherman’s house. You’ll experience all this and more during your Arctic mini-safari.

But we invite all our guests to visit our reindeer farm and sled dog breeding kennel, where you can get some information about these cute pets, interact with them, take some pictures and even try sled riding in winter.

Excursion Centre
Excursion Centre

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