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Dog fitness

Dog fitness, or physical training of dogs, is a direction in dog training aimed primarily at improving physical capabilities for all dogs without exception and rehabilitation of dogs after injuries or illnesses. Dog fit includes a set of various exercises, some of which are performed on various balancing shells, which allows you to develop stabilizer muscles and strengthen the ligament apparat. For our sled dogs, such activity is especially useful after a long season of working in a harness with its high physical loads. A well-equipped Dogfit complex appeared in the "Polar Circle" nursery thanks to the support of Ilya Trukhanov. And since this year dogfit training has been included in the children's programs Polar Friend Level 2 and Polar Friend Level Pro. Dogs get the work they need for their physical health, and children get excellent skills in clicker training, the methods of which are perfectly applicable in teaching dogs to occupy and maintain the right positions on fitness equipment.

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