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SPA and Steam-Bath Services

Guests of the Tourism and Dive Centre are welcome to our Russian steam-bath and Japanese bath (Banya and Ofuro).

A visit to a traditional Russian steam bath provides a unique opportunity to get rid of anxiety and nervousness. It brings you peace of mind and serenity, cleans your skin and makes you feel youthful and vigorous.

Our banya is located in a separate lodge right on the shore. There is a steam room, a washing room, a WC and a sitting room in the steam-bath complex. We provide our guests with special "banya besoms" - bunches of dried thin twigs with leaves from white birch, oak or juniper (called "banny venik" or "банный веник" in Cyrillic) that can be used during the wet heat session to gently slap oneself or each other in order to stimulate the pores and cells. We also treat our guests with fruit drinks and herbal tea to make them feel comfortable in Banya's sitting room during cooling down breaks.

Our FB accomodation packages include Banya services. It is available daily from 5:00 pm till 0:00 am.

Next to the Russian bath, right on the shore, there is a Japanese bath - Ofuro. This is a large wooden barrel full of water that is heated up to 40°C or warmer. Ofuro session is not meant for washing but rather for relaxing and warming oneself. Washing is carried out separately prior to the bath. The water level is usually up to the chest. This kind of bath efficiently relieves stress. Imagine what a pleasure one can get from the combination of hot water and cool fresh air!

The barrel can accommodate a company up to 6 persons.
Ofuro is an additional service provided on request and should be ordered in 24 hours.