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Russian Christmas Family Program

We invite you to an unforgettable Christmas meeting on the White Sea in a friendly company! Winter fun and holidays will be pleasantly diluted with informative lectures, excursions and sports activities.

You are waiting for: the beauty and silence of the White Sea, wrapped in ice and snow, walks and excursions around the area, skiing, sledding, hunting for the Northern Lights, communication with sled dogs and reindeer, interesting lectures and intellectual conversations around the taiga campfire, ice fishing, hot bath, Christmas gifts, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, great company and festive mood!

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New Year Family Program

We invite you to a winter fairy tale on the White Sea Coast!

Winter is a fabulous time in the White Sea Region, when a snowstorm is wandering along the sea ice and the snow-covered coast is traced by trails of snowmobiles and skiers, and one can meet a black grouse or a capercaillie on a forest walk. The sun shows just a fringe over the snow-covered sea, and the northern lights shine in the evenings.

We are glad to offer our guests: silence and snow purity of the Russian North, walks and snowmobile trips along the snow-covered shore of the White Sea, combined with biological and geological excursions, cross-skiing trips, ice fishing, hot Russian and Japanese bath, and, of course, a superb friendly community, visit of Father Frost (Santa Claus) and Snow Maiden with New Year's gifts and congratulations. As for divers, they can get winter training and New Year Eve dives!

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'Arctic Tourism School'. A cross-country skiing program

The beginning of spring on the White Sea Coast is a wonderful time for polar expeditions! We invite all cross-country skiing lovers to join the "School of Arctic Tourism" program!

The program includes:

- Ski tourism skills training - practical training and preparation for a ski trip

- Ski trip with two overnight stays on the islands and in the polar taiga

- Learning about local ecosystems, biology and geology of the White Sea, local history of Northern Karelia

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Meet the White sea Family Program

If you like to be surprised by new things and you are interested in how the world around you works, if you like the sea and the forest, rocks and untrodden paths – come to us for a new educational program for the whole family!
The family program "Acquaintance with the White Sea" combines research, adventure and travel. Informative classes in biology and geology, a lot of sea and hiking along the most beautiful shores and islands of the White Sea, interesting evening discussions and seminars and just a good rest in nature!

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'In Search of Seals' Program

If you come to the White Sea in May, you'll watch the sweeping northern spring in full action, when the sea is getting rid of ice cover, and the shore begins to turn green with summer colours. The White Sea is rich in marine life. It's a home for various marine mammals: white whales (belugas), gray seals, harp seals, ringed seals, bearded seals. Walruses and baleen whales may come occasionally. Young seal pups are born in early March. By the middle of May, having grown up a bit and molted, young and adult seals can be seen lying on floating ice and on the shore. With a motorboat we have a chance to get quite close to them (10-5 m. distance) to see their life with our own eyes.

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Mussels Fest

"The Arctic Circle" Dive Centre and Lodge invites everyone to join the Mussels Fest that is organized every autumn in the village of Nilmoguba, Karelia, Russia. It is a holiday of sea and forest harvesting, trips to the uninhabited islands of the White Sea (the most Russian of all Russian seas), and of course, communication with like-minded people. Autumn is the season, when the first occasions of the Northern Lights may happen, and we invite you to watch this bright and joyful phenomenon, to get acquainted with the amazing nature of the White Sea Coast, to eat fresh mussels and just to have a good rest.

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