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Summer Diving

Each summer from May to September you can have the dive of a lifetime

The rich underwater world of the White Sea features a vast variety of marine dwellers and other interesting objects.

  • Thick growth of soft corals, starfish, sea urchins, crabs and sea anemones
  • Diving with Greenland seals
  • Underwater jungle of Laminaria
  • Underwater rocks and rifts, and rift inhabitants 
  • Mussel plantations under water
  • Drift diving with the tide – the speed is up to 2m/sec
  • Shipwrecks including the fishing boat Yaroslavets
  • "Arctic corals" – a course of lectures on biology of the White Sea
  • Mini-diving safari – with overnight stay on remote island to include fishing, camp fire and ukha (fish soup) supper

In summer we go diving by speedboats, either with a return after the first dive to the dive centre for a break and rest before the second one, or for two dives at once. In the latter case we take lunch with us and spend some time in the wild relaxing between the dives on beautiful beaches, among rocks, pines and mosses.

Summer time at the White Sea Coast provides divers a special opportunity to combine diving and excursions, when besides watching impressive dive sites they can also explore some of the most famous natural attractions of the White Sea on a speedboat trip to the nearest and remote islands. It is also highly recommended to try a drift-dive, when tidal wave’s speed is much faster than the regular currents and can reach the speeds of 4 m/s in straights between the islands.

But not only certified divers can experience truly amazing views of the colorful underwater landscape and marine life of the White Sea. Dry Suit Snorkeling and an Introductory Dive are the two ways to do it for everyone who knows how to swim, feels comfortable in cool water and is ready for a fantastic adventure at the Arctic Circle Dive Centre.

For a snorkeling trip or an introductory dive we provide transportation to the dive site by a speedboat, a dry suit and full set of necessary equipment. The advantages of using a dry suit are warmth, buoyancy, safety, comfort, and ease in changing.

A dry suit snorkelling trip or an intro dive begins with a comprehensive, informative surface briefing (from 30 min to 1 hour) when a guide explains how to use this equipment and how to ensure that you will be safe, warm and comfortable during 30 to 40 minutes snorkeling or an intro dive. Listen to a safety orientation and your guide will answer any questions; then you will have the unforgettable experience of snorkeling or diving in the waters of White Sea. Safety is the number one priority of our dive centre and all participants get additional information regarding the water temperatures, visibility, tidal fluctuations and local marine life. There is a 1:6 guide-to-guest ratio for snorkeling and 1:1 for intro dive. All guides are trained in dive and snorkel procedures, EFR, and the marine environment.

While snorkeling or an intro dive you can explore the giant kelp forest, watch for sea life such as sea stars, crabs, a variety of fish, sea anemones (one of the oldest animals on earth), a variety of filter feeders, sea urchins and the colorful bio-mass of the sea floor.

An intro dive is also a way to introduce you to the wonderful world of scuba diving, breathing underwater and the feeling of total weightlessness. The Instructor will be by your side the whole time and will even hold your hand if you feel the need. An introductory dive does not get you a qualification you can use later on.

Do not hesitate to contact us — we look forward to hearing from you and will be glad to answer any question in order to explain the details and help you to make the right choice! Please inform us in advance so that we could arrange everything in due period of time.