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Summer Diving Conditions and Methods

The summer season in Karelia lasts from Mid-April till October. The best period for summer diving here is from May till September, when you can enjoy not only the beauty of the White Sea clear waters on your diving trip, but also the spectacular scenery of the coast and numerous islands, romantic sunsets and sunrises, and real white nights in June and July of course.

Summer Diving Conditions

  • Water Visibility: from 10-15m. in summer months to 20-30m. in October
  • Water Temperature: from 13°C on the surface to -+1/-1°C at depth
  • Thickness of warm water layer is 15-18m.
  • Air Temperature: from +8-12°C to +17-20°C and sometimes even to +30°C
  • Water Salinity: 27,5-28%
  • Diverse Underwater Terrain: vertical rocky walls or flat bottom areas

Sea currents

There are no strong currents on most diving sites. You can experience tidal currents (with a speed of 2–4m/sec) during special drift dives arranged in the vicinity of the Isle of Kuzov and the Strait of Velikaya Salma opposite to the Isle of Velikiy.

Complexity level and recommended certification

As diving is performed in dry suits, a Dry Suit PADI Certificate and Advanced OWD PADI level are recommended. You need to have some experience of dry-suit diving.

Summer Diving Schedule and Arrangement

  • Diving according to PADI standards
  • Large stock of diving equipment and accessories
  • A variety of scenic dive sites
  • Diver transport to dive sites by RIB speedboats
  • Competent and experienced staff
  • Comprehensive pre-dive briefing
  • Two dives per day are offered
  • Average dive time is 30–40 minutes
  • Maximum allowed depth depends on a diver's level of certification

Diving at the "Arctic Circle" Dive Centre is arranged according to PADI standards. Divers are accompanied by experienced instructors and dive guides.

There is a variety of dive sites that can be reached by speedboat. Some of them are not far from the dive centre, others may be a longer distance away (up to 1 hour speedboat trip).

Divers are transported to the dive sites by RIB speedboats, either with a return after the first dive to the dive centre for a break and rest before the second one, or for two dives at once. In the latter case we take lunch with us and spend some time in the wild relaxing between the dives on beautiful beaches, among rocks, pines and mosses.

The pier, where all the diving trips and marine excursions set off, is only three hundred meters away from the guest houses and the main territory of the Dive Centre and Lodge. There are special wooden cabins on the shore next to the pier, equipped for the divers to prepare for the dive, change clothes, desalinate and dry out the equipment. There is also a common room module for comfortable lunch between the dives, and a separate WC-cabin equipped with a chemical toilet.

To take part in a diving program at the Arctic Circle Diving Center, a diver must meet certain requirements. Please read the prerequisites on our website.

To see the list of equipment, recommended for summer diving at the White Sea, please click here.

The guests of "The Arctic Circle", who have no diving experience and certification, may take a course of initial diving training (OWD PADI), go snorkeling or make an introductory dive with the Dive Centre instructors.

To see the price list of the Dive Centre, please click here.