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Recommended Summer Diving Equipment

Equipment recommendations for summer period:

  • Dry suit (or a thick neoprene suit) to feel comfortable during a 40-minutes dive in cold water (about +4ºС)
  • Warm dry suit undergarments (if you use a dry suit)
  • Two unfreezing regulators (with DIN/YOKE fitting), each having one first stage, one second stage (primary and alternate), SPG and low pressure inflator hose; the regulators should have been serviced just prior to the trip
  • BCD (preferably with integrated weight system)
  • Mask, fins and snorkel
  • Gloves (three-finger mitts or dry gloves with rings are highly recommended)
  • Diving computer and a compass
  • Powerful torch, preferably rechargeable.

Outfit recommendations for summer period:

  • Warm underwear for a dry suit (two-layer or made of polartec) and several pairs of warm socks.
  • Warm sweater.
  • Warm waterproof shoes.
  • Warm anorak for cold weather (+5-10ºС)
  • Warm cap covering the ears.
  • Sunglasses with a UV filter to protect the eyes in sunny days.
  • Lip care stick and cream to protect hands and face against cold and wind.

All diving equipment listed above can be rented at the Arctic Circle Dive Centre, but we recommend bringing your own kit, making sure you double check it before your trip.

High waterproof boots are also available upon request.

We provide for a dive a single scuba tank with a V-valve or a two-piece unit (a double scuba tank). Steel scuba tanks are preferrable, as you need fewer weights with them, since their buoyancy is less than that of aluminum ones.