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"Exploring the White Sea" Summer Program

The White Sea is an open-air encyclopedia of wildlife!

If you like to travel and make your way to the distant parts of the world, if you like the sea and forest, rocks and wild tracks — then you'll enjoy our new Family program "Exploring the White Sea"!

The program combines research and adventure. There will be a lot of excursions with biology and geology, hiking along the beautiful shores and islands of the White Sea. In the evenings you'll be invited to interesting discussions and lectures. 

What we'll do and what we'll talk about:

— The White Sea and its life cycle. Tides: how they impact the evolution of the inhabitants of the sea. Littoral ecosystems: who lives in the tidal zone of the coast.

— Collection and studying the inhabitants of the White Sea, raised from the dee depths.

— Taiga: northern Russian forest. Plants, animals and their amazing ability to adapt and survive in the North.

— Karelian birdwatching: who's singing in the trees?

— Geological inquiries. Investigating rock walls, the slices of the Earth’s crust. Diversity of rocks and minerals.

— Trips to the lake and the river. Exploring freshwater inhabitants.

— Meeting reindeer and riding dogs of "The Arctic Circle"

— History of the Russian North. How people lived on the White Sea coast in ancient times and today.

Possible topics of evening lectures and discussions:

— Marine mammals: a special way to reach evolutionary success.

— Animals' intelligence: modern research and different approaches.

— Symbiosis in the environment and its contribution to the evolution of life on Earth.

— Evolution of altruism and cooperation from the modern biology's point of view.

— Global warming or extreme cooling? Ice periods of the past and the future.

— Invasion of dry land. Evolutionary ways of conquering the Earth.

— Is there life under the ice? Life strategies of Arctic animals.

— Why is biomass in cold seas high and species diversity pretty average? Features of cold sea ecosystems compared to tropical seas.

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