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Mussels Fest

Autumn is not only a harvesting time, it's also time for communication with old friends and meeting new ones. The rhythm of modern life forces us to hurry and try to outpace the time. But the sea, like thousands years ago, lives on its timetable: ebbs and tides, sunsets and sunrises, and of course, the change of seasons. In autumn, the sun gives less warmth, the nature is getting ready for winter season, the growth of marine animals and plants stops, and the harvest time begins. It is the time of harvesting holidays in many counries, and in Russia too, mid-autumn is traditionally the time for festivities and recreation.

"The Arctic Circle" Dive Centre and Lodge invites everyone to join the Mussels Fest that is organized every autumn in the village of Nilmoguba, Karelia, Russia. It is a holiday of sea and forest harvesting, trips to the uninhabited islands of the White Sea (the most Russian of all Russian seas), and of course, communication with like-minded people.

Provisional program schedule by day:

Day 1
Transfer from the railway station or the airport to "The Arctic Circle" Dive Centre and Lodge (Nilmoguba village, Karelia, Russia). Check in the hotel at the dive centre. Briefing, welcome meals and getting acquainted. Sightseeing walk around the Dive Centre and Lodge premises and the village, some rest. Lunch. Learning about the White Sea, the Northern Lights, Pomor people and their way of life, local nature and history
Mussels gathering at low tide in the vicinity of Kislaya Guba. In the evening, picnic with mussels, cooked on a campfire with spices and white wine. Friendly volleyball tournament. Russian bath, rest.

Day 2
Breakfast. Excursion. Lunch. After lunch: marine excursion to the island of Kastyan, a walk around the island, a lecture about marine biology, mussels gathering at low tide. Mussels baked and fried with cheese, vegetables and mushrooms. Russian bath, rest.

Day 3
Breakfast. Excursion to the village of Chernaya Rechka. On the way back, an excursion to the island of Olenevsky, mussels gathering. Observation of birds and learning some facts about littoral marine life. Lunch on the island.
In the evening: special dishes with mussels сooked by original recipes of our guests. "Best dish" competition. Summing up and awarding the winners. Russian bath, packing up and departure from "The Arctic Circle" Lodge late in the evening. Transfer to the railway station or to the airport.

The program schedule may be changed according to the weather and other conditions

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