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Summer Activities

Outdoor Activities You Can Experience at the “Arctic Circle” in Summer

The majestic beauty of vast expanses of Karelia - the picturesque region of Northern Russia - attracts tourists, travelers and fishermen from all over the world, and not only Russian citizens. The summer season in Karelia lasts from Mid-April till October. In summer you can enjoy the beauty of the White Sea’s clear waters, impressive ebb and flow, romantic sunsets and sunrises and real white nights of course. The spectacular scenery of the coast and numerous islands covered with taiga forest is really eye-catching. The “Arctic Circle” Tourism Centre offers a large range of summer outdoor activities for you to see the sights, enjoy the local culture, and love every minute of your vacation. So get ready for the dream trip of a lifetime!

In summer you will have an opportunity to:

Go Fishing, Gather forest berries and mushrooms. With our guides’ help you’ll reach your destination on the Karelian White Sea coast easily and your efforts will surely be rewarded with a desired result. Forests of Karelia are exceptionally rich in cloudberries, blueberries, lingonberries, cranberries. Mushroom pickers’ trophies might be red-capped scaber stalks, birch boletes and even porcini. Fishermen will appreciate the richness of the White Sea with fish - navaga, cod, herring.

Excursions. Warm summer time is an excellent period to explore Karelia. On excursions our guides will accompany you to the most famous natural attractions of the White Sea. You will have a walk to the Panfilova Varakka Canyon, a speedboat trip to the nearest and remote islands with rocky slopes and sandy bays, an informative visit to the White Sea Biological Station of Moscow State, get acquainted with people living in a unique 500-years old village of Chernaya Rechka.

Go Diving and Snorkeling.·With the “Arctic Circle” Diving Centre you can dive not only at the impressive dive-sites with thick growth of soft corals, starfish, sea urchins, crabs and sea anemones, but also try drift-diving when tidal wave’s speed is much faster than the regular currents and can reach the speeds of 4 m/s in straights between the islands. Those who don’t have a diving certificate but have a desire to have a look at the underwater rocks, rifts, and rift inhabitants can go snorkeling and watch it from the surface.

Summer conditions for trips to Karelia

We do our best to meet our guests' expectations and guarantee them a comfortable stay according to the chosen type of accomodation. In summer our tourism center offers accommodation in the following types of twin-rooms: Basic room, Standart room, Standart Plus room, Comfort room, Comfort Plus two-bedroom suite. If necessary, the rooms can be equipped with a double-bed or extra beds to accommodate up to 3-4 people. Every room has central heating, equipment of the room depends on its category, e.g.  Standart Plus, Comfort and Comfort Plus rooms have a personal bathroom and a shower, while Basic and Standart rooms share it with the neighboring rooms.

The price of a full-board accommodation includes meals in the buffet style 3 times a day. In addition, hot and cold drinks and various types of snacks and pastry are available in our dining room at any time. Russian banya (steam bath) services are also included on a daily basis. On request we are ready to provide SPA-services, rent of sports and tourist equipment, barbecue picnic (shashlyk) and various types of excursions and other outdoor activities for an extra charge.

Do come to the “Arctic Circle” Tourism Centre if you are looking for an unforgettable summer vacation and extraordinary experience in picturesque Karelian village amidst Arctic taiga! You can find all the necessary information to communicate with us in the Contact Us section, including e-mails, phone numbers and a travel route scheme. Our travel managers will inform you about the prices of our summer packages and help you to choose the most suitable variant.