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"The Arctic and us" - 2022: children's program about ecology and climate. Together with WWF Russia.

During the March holidays, a children's research program "The Arctic and us" was held in the "Polar Circle". Let us tell you how it was!

The program was developed in collaboration with WWF Russia — and has been held for the third year. Objectives of this program:

1. To introduce children to the complex complex of Arctic ecosystems,

2. Tell how these ecosystems exist in a changing climate,

3. To develop a caring attitude to the Arctic nature, based on scientific knowledge and technology.

In many ways, nature itself helped us - traveling daily through the White Sea and the taiga, listening to fascinating stories from teachers, it is impossible to stay indifferent to the Arctic.

- Walking through the taiga, we discussed how forest animals survive through the winter;

- We observed the tides at sea, learned how these processes work and what astronomy has to do with it;

- We visited divers who got underwater inhabitants for us from under the ice;

- We traveled to the islands of the White Sea, found seals once, discussed the features of their life;

- Often, it was not even necessary to go far to study the material: for example, there is a raised bog (ombrotrophic bog) near the "Arctic Circle" — a whole ecosystem right under our feet;

Returning to the base, we studied the collected samples under a microscope, and in the evening listened to popular science lectures from teachers. How will the life of this region and its inhabitants change if warming or, conversely, cooling comes? What threatens the Arctic, and, by contrast, what danger does it pose?

For the most profound study, we also: rolled in the snow, fell into it up to the waist, rided down the slides, dined by the campfire and just walked on the endless sea ice :)

And we also went to visit reindeer and sled dogs. About sled dogs, by the way, there was a separate lecture from Maria Prozorova, the head of the kennel. In the evenings we went to the Russian bath, sang songs to the guitar. We also did a lot of creative work: wove bracelets, made crafts, drew. In general, we had fun and interesting time!

We are waiting for you at the “The Arctic and us” program in 2023!

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