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Family leisure and diving on November holidays

Who said November was the wrong month to travel north? The pre-winter time at the White Sea has special charm. Nature calms down, preparing to be covered with a snow blanket and to fall asleep. The morning hours are bright and fresh from a slight frost, and the evenings are long and dark. All the leaves have already fallen, but thanks to spruces and pines the forest remains green.

At this time, in early November, two family leisure programs were held in “The Arctic Circle”, as well as several diving programs.

Autumn is a very convenient time for diving at the White Sea. The water is already clear, almost like in winter, and at the same time there is no ice ceiling above your head. All of our popular dive sites are available during this time. Some divers have arranged a real photo hunt for elegant sea goats, actinia and shellfish. See the photos below!

Participants of family programs visited various islands, including Kastian and the distant island of Krasnaya Luda, walked along The Bay of Biofilters, admiring the picturesque cliffs, gathered minerals in the Panfilova Canyon, sat by the fire with tea, visited our sled dogs and reindeer. Regular evening lectures and conversations in cozy living rooms were also an important part of the programs.

Also, we saw a real sailor moose!

Many thanks to our guest Ilya Trukhanov and dive instructor Andrey Kachaev for the photos which were used in this article.

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