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"Children's Christmas program" 2023

Dear Earthlings! A long time ago, scientists from the interplanetary scientific association Alliance of Intelligent Worlds became interested in human Earthlings. Contact was planned, but scientists were not sure that they would be able to find a common language. And so, one of the interplanetary scientists named DMZ put forward a hypothesis: a common language is the language of goodness! If the people living on Earth are kind, then understanding is possible, and it will be possible to coexist with them in peace and prosperity, as well as to share technologies. This scientist received a grant from the Alliance and went to Earth to conduct a long-term study there: to study the kindness of earthlings on the material of traditional winter holidays. So Santa Claus appeared on Earth: a winter wizard, with the help of which people give each other kindness and gifts.

But the term of the research grant received by the scientist-Santa Claus has come to an end (and the study lasted more than a hundred years!), and there are no results yet. Santa Claus did not have time to collect enough data about the kindness of earthlings! But he really wants to complete the research, because he believes in you, believes that you are worthy of joining the Alliance of Intelligent Worlds! His colleagues, representatives of different worlds and civilizations, have arrived on Earth: they are going to inspect the work of Santa Claus and decide whether to extend the grant and give people a chance. The alien messengers are already here, very close: it so happened that their landing place turned out to be near the “Arctic Circle"! I've heard that people here in the north are the kindest! I really ask you to communicate with the Alliance envoys and prove to them that Santa Claus was not mistaken in you!

DMZ Assistant, Scientific Secretary of the SGC

(better known on Earth as the Snow Maiden)

The participants of the Christmas program not only fried sausages, went skiing in the woods and went dog sledding, but also saved Santa Claus and the whole planet, proving to the alien commission that Earthlings are very kind and worthy creatures!

The program was eventful and full of different beauties: we looked at the huge full moon and the threshold soaring in the cold. We went downhill on the canyon, talked to reindeer and went skiing on a frozen lake!

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