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"Pancake Festival" report from Maslenitsa in the Arctic Circle Pancake Festival, February 22-25, 2023

Who loves pancakes the way we love them? Rosy, yes with butter, yes with red fish, yes with caviar, and even sweet - with blueberry jam and sour cream or at all - with condensed milk! And imagine pancakes on a campfire: on the seashore or in the taiga forest. Hot, with fervor-with heat, especially delicious in the cold, with fresh Arctic air and companionable sincerity. Mmm…

Four bright, eventful days of the program included, in addition to pancakes, snowmobile rides through the forest, winter rocks drenched in the sun, dog riding and reindeer sledding, acquaintance with marine life on the ice-free sea threshold, an ancient village and interesting lectures from biologists. And on the last evening we said goodbye to Winter, gathered around a giant bonfire under the blazing northern lights sky.

The "Pancake Festival" is being held for the first time this year, but it turned out to be so successful that we are already looking forward to the next Carnival.

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