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What`s a "NEW YEAR" for you?

According to the results of the voting, the New Year for most of our subscribers still does not pass like an ordinary holiday. For a third of those who voted, this is the main holiday of the year. A quarter of the respondents believe that it is better to celebrate it in nature or on a trip, they pay a lot of attention to the feast and gifts. Many noted the importance of meeting it with family.

Interesting were the thoughts, that the transition to the New Year is the best moment for summing up and introspection, and not just for making wishes. Of course, for some people, even such a big holiday is a working day!

And we wish everyone to find time for a miracle on this day! For some it will be unity with relatives, for others it will be a new frontier in discovering oneself and new spaces, and for others it will be a simple smile and congratulations from a loved one!

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