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The Arctic Circle team at the Karelian Dog Sledding Championship

The dog sledding team of the "Arctic Circle" took 1st and 2nd places at the Karelian Dog Sledding Championship in the discipline: 4 dogs for sprint distance! Congratulations to Maria Prozorova, Ilya Titov and our high-speed riding metises!

The championship was held in March near Petrozavodsk, in the village of Chalna. These days there was a warming: we had to compete at +3 ° C on wet snow. At the same time, the distance was relatively small: two races of 4.3 km each. The dogs eagerly went to the start, ran at full speed, despite the difficult conditions, and at the finish they were generously rewarded with goodies) As a result, the total time on the track for Masha and Ilya was 21 and 23 minutes, respectively!

Link to the report of the regional "News" (Ilya and Masha from 2:35).

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