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The Arctic Circle is now always in touch!

Amazing news that will affect everyone coming to our tourist center and the Nilmoguba village!

Extensive work on the installation of a new cellular base station of the MegaFon company ended few weeks ago. 16 steel cables, 4 concrete blocks of almost 50 tons each, the work of engineers - and a 50-meter tower has grown over the forest!

The tower includes equipment that allows MegaFon users to talk using the 2G (EDGE) format and transmit data in 4G (LTE) format. Now power outages do not concern us: even in the event of a complete disconnection from the power grid, thanks to autonomous batteries, the new station will be able to work for more than 15 hours!

Of course, this also expands the possibilities of the educational platform of the children's camp. Even more lectures, practices and the opportunity for children not to break away from online school education even on the White Sea!

Now you can plan not only a vacation in the Arctic Circle, but also working trips! Just imagine: our unique pastries for breakfast, a conference with a view on the rocky shore, calls to colleagues on a walk to the canyon, an evening by the campfire in a wonderful company! Even the most stressful task is now within your power, thanks to the atmosphere of our tourist center. Isn't it a perfect freelancing?

Thanks to MegaFon and everyone who helped in the implementation of this project!

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