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TDI Advanced Trimix Technical Course completed in "The Arctic Circle"

On October 18, TDI Advanced Trimix course was completed at «The Arctic Circle» Dive Center! Congratulations to Maxim Novikov on the successful implementation of all the elements of this difficult course in the polar conditions of the White Sea!

The courses were conducted by TDI instructor Mikhail Safonov. The journey from the Trimix level to the Advanced Trimix level took one week. During the course, dives to depths of up to 76 meters lasting from 98 to 150 minutes were made. The water temperature varied from 0 to 7 degrees Celsius. Diving planning was carried out with the help of MultiDeco. The dives were made using A130, AV1 and Shearwater computers operating according to the ZHLC-GF Bullmann Algorithm with a 5/60 factor gradient adjustment. And we also experimented a lot with different suits, mitten gloves, electric heating, blowing suits with different gases and have never frozen up!

Thanks to the employees of «The Arctic Circle» Dive Center who helped us provide these dives! And, of course, many thanks to the nature of the White Sea for the beauty we could enjoy during the hours of decompression!

Photo: Viktor Lyagushkin

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