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Mushroom and berry season.

The season of mushrooms and berries has begun on the White Sea!

After rains in the beginning of August, mushrooms came out in plenty. Mostly Boletuses. But in the very near future we are waiting for white mushrooms porcini), usually there are so many of them, that everyone lost their interest in other kinds of mushrooms!

Cloudberries are already leaving by this time, but there are so many blueberries and blueberries in the forest that you can collect a whole mug almost without getting up from one place. At least on the distant islands, where we travel less often with guests, and, therefore, pick berries less often. But even on short trips or hikes, no picnic is complete without delicious berries. The most popular is, of course, blueberries! Almost the entire undergrowth consists of these bushes, and now they are completely covered with berries.

Cranberries are ripe. Certainly, not all of berries are ready, but there are already enough of them to eat up.

There are already a lot of red and ripe raspberries on forest bushes. Despite the fact, that there are not so many raspberries in our neighborhood, we know exactly where to go for them.

And if you are very lucky, you can even meet stone bramble (Rubus saxatilis).

The mushroom and berry season will last throughout August, September and October. And you can't miss it in any way. After all, it is not only delicious, but also very beautiful!

So, we are waiting for you on the White Sea!

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