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SPA-centre Services

We offer services of our SPA-centre for all who want to become healthier and feel youthful. The list of SPA services of the "Arctic Circle" tourism centre includes various types of therapeutic and relaxing massage, mud and seaweed wraps, floral and chocolate masks. Natural curative mud both from the Dead Sea and from the White Sea, micronized White Sea algae and other high quality skin care products are used during SPA procedures .

Our SPA-specialist is a qualified physician Dr. Valery Goltz.


Massage is one of the most useful inventions of mankind. It has a general strengthening effect on the body. Besides, various types of therapeutic massage may become a simple and powerful remedy for a number of diseases.

Whole-body therapeutic massage is a prosedure designed to relax the muscles and joints, that is necessary to relieve fatigue, to restore efficiency, to raise mood and mobilize before hard work. In addition, it is an excellent general health procedure that helps to prevent a number of physical and psychological ailments.

Relaxing back massage
We all know what a back pain is. This is due to the fact that our back bears the greatest strain during a human's life. We let our back practically no rest. Whatever a person does, it usually makes the back muscles tense. That's why we all need a back massage, at least sometimes.

Foot and leg massage — is a technique of pressure applied with hand and fingers from the soles and heels of the feet to the buttocks. It starts with stroking, then changes to squeezing in order to relax all the tensions and trigger points.

Dorsal and neck massage combines compressing and stretching of upper back and neck muscles and the study of the cervical spine. It is an indispensable element for the prevention of osteochondrosis, removing pain syndromes. Especially recommended for office workers, most of the time conducting a “sitting” position.

Aromatherapy massage is massage therapy with essential oils (highly concentrated plant oils) added to the massage oil or lotion. Essential oils relieve muscle tension, improve blood and lymph circulation. The use of traditional oriental aromas and oils produces a deep relaxation, brings clarity of mind, normalizes the whole body energy, helps to detoxify, and improves skin elasticity. It makes the body energy system re-activated, physical and mental well-being is harmonized, immunity and efficiency are increased. Deep inner relaxation of the whole body becomes a result of these procedures.

Anti-cellulite massage
That's one of the most accessible and effective methods to reduce cellulite. This procedure is a natural, effective, and pleasurable way to improve the structure of the skin, its appearance, increase elasticity. Anti-cellulite massage stimulates the loss of excess weight, strengthens the immune system, improves metabolism, and is a remarkable anti-stress.


Thalassotherapy — is one of the methods to combat cellulite with the help of seaweed, marine mud and phytoplankton curative effects.

Thalassotherapy helps to:

  • get rid of cellulite;
  • improve body contours and body volume;
  • diminish skin dryness and flabbiness, restore skin elasticity;
  • maintain beauty and smoothness of the body skin;
  • remove surplus fluid from subcutaneous fat;
  • purify skin, fill it with microelements;
  • eliminate swelling and reduce venous insufficiency;
  • achieve general revitalizing and anti-stress effect.

Thalassotherapy begins with body peeling, as a result of it, the pores get opened, the skin becomes soft and more susceptible to the effects of beneficial components, that helps to intensify detoxification. Algae, clay or therapeutic mud musks are applied on clean and dry skin so that microelements, containing in the masks, "open" fat cells, stimulate their work and cause them to give off fats and toxins that have been accumulated in the form of cellulite.

A thermal effect is created to make the process more active: the body is wrapped in cling film and covered with a warm blanket for 30-40 minutes. At the end, the mask is washed off, and a special gel is applied to the skin.

A course of wraps improves microcirculation and blood circulation, making the skin surface smooth, and the body saturated with necessary minerals.

Several millimeters of fat disappear from the body with each procedure, and at the end of the course one may notice that cellulite has gone. The result will be elastic smooth skin, healthy blood circulation, absence of fluid stasis, harmonious psychophysical state, body remineralization.

Thalassotherapy procedures can bring more persistent and quicker results if combined with anti-cellulite massage.

Seaweed wrapping with the White Sea kelp

Seaweeds are the oldest representatives of the plant world, for millions of years of existence they have accumulated all the wisdom of evolution. The procedure of wrapping with kelp leaves gives not only cosmetic, but also therapeutic effects. Kelp is a component of a vast majority of professional cosmetics. Alginates, mannitol, sea salt, micro- and macroelements, iodine, polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, pleasant algae surface and the smell of the sea will provide you with a 100% SPA procedure and an excellent result.

Thanks to the wrapping procedure, weight starts to reduce, skin elasticity increases, flabby areas become strengthened, figure contours improve, cellulite decreases. The wrapping activates blood circulation and fat splitting processes, and helps to remove metabolism products.

Wraps based on micronized kelp seaweed

Wraps based on micronized kelp provide stimulating effect both on the thyroid gland and on the general metabolism processes, enhancing osmotic metabolism. This alga has the ability to normalize mineral balance and a recovering effect. Due to the high content of iodine, it is often used for treatment of local fat excess and cellulite. Iodine improves assimilation of proteins, phosphorus, calcium, iron, and activates a number of enzymes. Under the infuence of  iodine, blood viscosity decreases, thus it helps to normalize blood pressure. Besides kelp helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood plasma, and delays the development of atherosclerosis.

Wraps based on micronized fucus seaweed

Fucus is rich in microelements, iodine, amino acids, vitamins A, B, C, D, E. Wraps with fucus stimulate blood circulation and cause vasodilation, that helps to remove toxiс deposits from the body, stimulates cellular regeneration, softens and protects the skin. Fucus is good for weight loss procedures, because it increases blood circulation.

Blue clay wraps with algae extract

The effect of blue clay wrap is based on the variety of properties of the blue Cambrian clay, its complex mineral and chemical composition (more than 30 macro- and microelements). Its impact is associated with peripheral vessels dilatation, redistribution of blood, irritation of nerve endings, thus causing production of biologically effective substances and disposal of metabolism products.

Masks — clay activates microcirculation and metabolic processes in tissues, enhances detoxification and fat digestion, eliminating the "orange peel" effect on skin and visually reducing stretch marks due to skin pigmentation levelling, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. A blue clay mask can be used for any problem areas of the body.

Mineral components of blue clay penetrate deeply into tissues, improve biochemical processes and increase blood circulation in adipose tissue. The natural complex of biologically active seaweed substances stimulates lipolysis and neutralizes toxins. The effects of wraps and masks are reinforced due to the combination of blue Cambrian clay and algae extract.

The brown algae extract, contained in the blue clay mask, helps not to overdry the skin and to avoid the feeling of tightness even on the dry skin, providing a good lifting effect withal.

Natural curative mud wraps and masks

Natural curative mud is used to eliminate harmful substances and toxins out of the body. It contains natural antibiotics and has anti-inflammatory effect. 

Due to the high content of salts and natural biostimulating substances, curative mud does not only cleanse the skin perfectly, but also nourishes it with a complex of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, hormone-like natural substances that penetrate through the skin into our bodies, have an incomparable normalizing effect, and harmonize the internal state of the organism.

Mud wraps improve blood microcirculation and have a pronounced recuperative effect on the skin condition.

Regular use of curative mud has a pronounced healing and revitalizing effect, and cleanses the skin deeply. Mud procedures reduce irritations and inflammatory processes. They smoothen wrinkles, roughnesses, pigmented spots, make scars less visible. The skin becomes velvety, supple and elastic, acquires a young, fresh look, healthy complexion returns.

Mud is an excellent skin peeling due to the presence of silicon and gypsum microparticles in it. The so-called "orange peel" disappears soon, when mud is applied regularly. 

We offer cold and hot mud wraps in our SPA.

Cold mud wraps are recommended for people who are subject to fatigue, swelling, cellulite and feeling of heaviness in the legs. Cold mud wraps strengthen walls of blood vessels and improve the overall condition of skin.

Hot mud wraps stimulate breakdown of fats, normalize blood vessels tonus, help to remove surplus fluid and revitalize the skin.

Mud applications on the scalp skin are effective for the treatment of seborrhea and dandruff, for hair roots strengthening with early alopecia and increased hair loss. Mud restores the natural hair colour, partially eliminating early gray hair, and makes the hair beautiful and strong.

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